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Historic Wood Furniture in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"Clipper Ship" Furniture in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a furniture company that specializes in hand-made reclaimed and recycled wood. The reclaimed wood comes from North American "hard pine" transported to China 150 years ago aboard Clipper Ships. The wood was then used to construct warehouses in Shanghai, China, and is now being recycled into The Clipper Ship Collection. Our furniture is "solid" and "handcrafted" from this historic wood.

Historic Furniture in Baton Rouge, LA

Historic Furniture
Our historic furniture is made with quality North American pine that was used in Shanghai, China, in the mid-1800s to build warehouses for trade with America. This is 150-year-old wood creates furniture that is truly unique.

"Clipper Ship" Furniture
Today these historic warehouses are being cleared to make way for modern buildings as Shanghai, China, builds and expands. "Clipper Ship" Furniture is made from this timber  to create distinctive pieces. This is not just a piece of furniture, it is a conversation piece.

In todays market, where all furniture looks "alike", these are truly unique pieces of hand-made solid furniture. Eventually this historic wood  will be exhausted and will no longer be available.



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The Past Sails Into the Future — A 150 Year Old Pine Handcrafted into Heirlooms, Dining Rooms, and Occasional Furniture